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Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker, 32oz


Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker, 32oz


Product description

Removes skunk odor from dogs, Other pets, and fabrics. Apply full strength. Works in minutes and eliminates odor permanently. For best results with pets, bathe with a skunk shampoo, apply, and allow pet to air dry. Skunk off odor Remover will neutralize odor as it dries. Skunk off Comes in a 1 Gallon squeeze bottle. Stops skunk odor fast permanently on dogs, you, your clothiers, cats, home, car anything. It is safe nontoxic and nonirritating. Measures 10 1/3 inch length by 3 1/2 inch width by 3 1/2 inch height.

From the manufacturer

Thornell Skunk-Off | Removes all traces of skunk spray from dogs, other pets, people, clothes, cars and homes.

Skunk Off Skunk Odor EliminatorSkunk Off Skunk Odor Eliminator

Why Use Thornell SKUNK-OFF Skunk Odor Eliminator?

SKUNK-OFF stops skunk odor instantly and permanently on contact. Removes all traces of skunk spray from dogs, other pets, people, clothes, cars, homes – anybody or anything a skunk has sprayed or anything a skunk-sprayed animal has rubbed against. It's safe for use on all surfaces – carpet, upholstery and directly on your pet.

All Thornell products are safe for use on any surface or directly on the animal. As with any pet care product, consult with your veterinarian and review and follow the label directions. It contains water, proprietary essential oil blend, and preservatives.

Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only.

Skunk-Off may in some cases cause minor eye irritation. Rinse with water as needed. Caution should be taken when using on cats. Be sure to thoroughly rinse if using Skunk-Off on cats. Cats are natural groomers they continually lick their hair coat. Skunk-Off in the cat’s mouth is not dangerous but it may cause excessive drooling.

Thornell Cat Odor-Off Cat Odor Eliminator Thornell Dog Odor-Off Dog Odor Eliminator Thornell Animal Odor Eliminator Thornell Odormed Thornell Kennel Odor Eliminator
Thornell Cat Odor-Off Thornell Dog Odor-Off Thornell Animal Odor Eliminator Thornell Odormed Thornell Kennel Odor Eliminator
Great for litter boxes
Safe to spray on animals
Safe for bedding, cages, litter, etc
Can be used as air freshener
Not an enzyme or mask
Can be reapplied as necessary
Eliminates long-standing odors
For Kennels, cates, runs, etc.
Quick, permanent results
Thornell Odor EliminatorsThornell Odor Eliminators

What Makes Thornell Different?

Unpleasant animal-related odors are a common, daily occurrence, and managing them safely and effectively is an important part of keeping your work environment pleasant, your clients satisfied, and pets happy. Thornell specializes in creating products that permanently eliminate malodors - complex blends that work through counteraction, absorption, molecular bonding, inhibitors, and residual actions. They are NOT masks. They are NOT enzymes. Each of Thornell’s products is specially formulated for a unique purpose.

Thornell Corporation was founded in 1981 through research conducted at Cornell University on a unique product that would effectively eliminate odor. The research requirements were that the formula had to be effective for use on any surface and safe when used around pets and people. They also needed to be formulated so that their effectiveness would not lessen when used in conjunction with detergents and disinfectants. These products are now enjoyed by veterinarians throughout North America where Thornell is the largest supplier of odor elimination products to this demanding profession.

Today Thornell is a family owned business located in Smithville, Missouri where we manufacture what we sell. Unlike many other companies Thornell Corporation only makes odorcides. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the answer to your odor problems with products you can use and recommend with complete confidence.

Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker, 32oz

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